A Monitored Alarm System is Vital for Life and Property Safety

All too often we hear someone assert that their alarm system doesn’t need to be monitored: “Our neighbors are close and friendly and we all watch out for each other.” In actuality, this is more likely to hamper police or fire response as well as endanger your neighbors!

When an alarm occurs, neighbors tend to assume it’s a false alarm and won’t take action until they’ve become thoroughly annoyed. Even if they hear the alarm, how do they know whether to phone the police or the fire department? Either of these scenarios creates too long of a delay before the call is made and the opportunity for an immediate response is lost. Not to mention, expecting your neighbor to physically check out your home puts them at risk of confrontation with a criminal. For this reason, it is not recommended that your emergency contacts are not notified until after the police or fire departments have arrived.

Fire Safety – When you are away who will hear you smoke alarm? Without monitoring, the only way neighbors will know there is a fire in your home is after smoke and flames have started pouring out of your home. By that time you will likely already have suffered terrible damage to your home and possessions and lost any pets left inside the home. With monitoring, the fire department is on its way to your home within seconds of detecting a fire.

Home Security – In today’s tough economy, there has been an increase in home invasions where robber(s) force their way into an occupied home to commit a robbery or other crime. Most incidents of burglary do not result in violence, even when the burglar is discovered. Tragically, this is not the case with home invasion robbers. Once inside the home, invaders will use an exorbitant amount of force and threats to gain control and produce fear in the victims.

Reliability – To protect your family, strategically place portable radio-frequency panic buttons throughout your home in stationary locations. In the event of a home invasion, simply activate one of them to initiate a local alarm, sending a confrontation signal to the police who respond to this type of alarm with the highest priority – this could save a life.

Perhaps consider a safe room inside your home to allow your family to retreat or escape from potential violence.

Peace of Mind – Knowing we are monitoring for your safety 24/7 is very comforting.

Rapid Response – Our central station staff is watching over your home 24/7. In the event of an alarm we will, on average, respond with a phone call to your home within 15 seconds. We know if the alarm is a burglary, fire, confrontation with a criminal or medical. Depending on your security equipment, we can even view your home with streaming video or listen to what is happening.

System Assistance – Our trained staff can assist your with system operating questions 24/7.

Choosing your alarm monitoring company is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and should never be taken lightly. You’ve taken the first step to protect your home and family with a security system, why not call PSI today and signup for our UL fire/security monitoring – your safety depends on it.


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