West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network Gets Security-Camera Savvy

A high-interest topic led to a well-attended meeting of the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network. In addition to BW captains, Tuesday night’s meeting at the Southwest Precinct drew more than a few others, some saying they were there specifically to learn about “these surveillance cameras” – the announced main topic.

Seattle Police’s Community Police Team Officer Jon Kiehn and Detective Scotty Bach led the talks/presentations and Q/A at a recent West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting covering home security issues including how to integrate security cameras into your overall home-security strategy. Click here to read the entire article, posted to the West Seattle Blog.

Besides sharing this informative article with you, we wanted to highlight an event that was not handled properly. During the course of the presentation, a person in attendance mentioned that during a break in at her home, the professional security alarm company that they used “called our house saying “we are not calling the authorities at this time,” loud and clear on the answering machine,” as it wasn’t able to verify if it was a false alarm trip or not. She believed that “If we’d had cameras and home system, we would have had pictures of guy carrying our TV out the door!”

This is a travesty. If a tripped alarm cannot be verified as a false alarm, it should definitely be treated as an emergency! Statistics show that about 99% of all alarms are false. At our central station, we respond to every alarm 100% of the time, false or not, protecting you 100% of the time.

If you’ve been thinking about adding or upgrading your own home security, call PSI today at 206-322-3186 for a free, in-home, no obligation consultation. Our unwavering commitment for over 40 years has been life safety. You can’t put a price in peace of mind.

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