PSI is now an authorized dealer for Videofied MotionViewer™ – a night vision wireless motion detector that detects intruders and sends a 10-second video clip of the incident over the cell network for immediate response – and arrests. Videofied is cost-effective physical security that has made hundreds of arrests protecting commercial and residential sites. Instead of a recording of yesterday’s break-in, Videofied immediately sends a video of the intruder, police are dispatched and give priority response to a crime in progress.


Night Vision Wireless Motion Detector

  • Cordless Video Security
  • No AC power needed
  • Totally wireless operation
  • Instant installation
  • All Weather
  • From -20F to 140F
  • Operates for years on a set of batteries

Indoor MotionViewer
The Indoor MotionViewer by Videofied combines a passive infrared motion sensor, a digital video camera, and infrared illuminators into a single wireless battery powered security device. The indoor MotionViewer is perfect to secure residential and commercial facilities.

Outdoor MotionViewer
The Outdoor MotionViewer by Videofied combines a passive infrared motion sensor, a digital video camera, and infrared illuminators into a single wireless battery powered security device. This rugged device is ideal to secure outdoor assets and remote facilities.

Videofied Eliminates False Alarms

Videofied is a complete security system that delivers police when you need them – through video verified alarms. A complete video security system that is entirely self-powered (over 4 years battery life) and wireless, Videofied delivers greater security by sending the monitoring station a compressed video of what caused the alarm. Encrypted radio communications and no A/C connections make this totally wireless self-powered video security system discreet and easy to deploy.

Priority Police Response For Greater Security

responseVideofied provides the monitoring operator with an actual video of the intrusion. The video and 2-way voice verify that the alarm is an actual crime-in-progress and not a costly false alarm. With law enforcement increasingly pressured by budget cuts, video verified alarms help police capture more intruders, providing better protection. A sophisticated motion sensor combined with a night vision camera and illuminators, the MotionViewer, detects and captures the intrusion on video. Monitoring personnel immediately see a 10 second video clip of the actual intrusion and can use 2-way voice to challenge and verify it. More than an alarm, Videofied is a true security system combining detection, video and voice to give greater protection to your valuables and your family.

Security – Not A Nanny Cam

This is NOT a surveillance system; we separate security from surveillance to protect privacy. If you are looking for a nanny-cam, buy something else. With Videofied, no one can “look in” remotely unless the camera has been activated by the alarm system. Video alarms are only sent when the alarm panel calls the monitoring station during an intrusion, downloading images from the MotionViewer. Since MotionViewer only record alarms, the three small batteries operate up to four years. No wires means no peeking.

Simple to Use Prox-Tag Arming

proxy tag armingA proximity reader in the keypad means users can easily arm/disarm the system by simply moving the tag near the keypad. The system gives audible and visual feedback that it is arming/disarming. Every person in the building can use their own prox-tag and forget about entering codes. The prox-tags are waterproof, unpowered and last for years. For additional convenience, there is an optional wireless outdoor prox-tag reader that can be mounted on the outside of the building to arm/disarm before entering.

Standard Videofied XL Kit Features:

  • Night vision wireless MotionViewer detect intruders
  • Internal cell modem transmits video and 2-way voice
  • Clean simple wireless installation without drilling messy holes to run power or phone lines
  • Immune to cut phone lines or network cables
  • Integrated proximity tag arming/disarming
  • Battery life on all devices including panel – up to 4 years

Call PSI today to upgrade an existing security alarm system with Videofied or install it new, and enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Verified video alarms are no longer routine alarms. The P-cam sees what triggered the alarm and sends compressed video to the monitoring station. The monitoring station views the video and determines whether police dispatch is required. The video can be forwarded to police or to the home owner.
  • Every device is wireless – no A/C connection is required anywhere. Batteries last for 4 years because the camera is only activated during an alarm.
  • Privacy is never compromised because the camera stays off until you need it – during an alarm.
  • Military grade radio transmission means Videofied delivers incredible range and immunity to interference.
  • Fast simple and easy installation – no drilling, no wires, no hassle.
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