Videofied MotionViewer Gets Arresting Results

Skyrocketing prices for metals, especially copper, have made what was once a minor nuisance into a major problem costing over $1 billion/year according to the US Dept of Energy. Pipes, wires, cables, gutters, flashing are being torn from walls and buildings. Roof-top air units are being stripped of their copper coils. Thieves target copper in vacant buildings or difficult to secure areas, often without power or communication lines including:

  • Construction Sites – theft of copper plumbing, wiring, generators and materials.
  • Vacant Buildings – theft of copper plumbing, wiring, air conditioners.
  • Communications Towers – theft of copper busbars, wiring and cables.
  • Electrical Sub-stations – theft of copper grounding bars and cables.
  • Foreclosed Properties – theft of copper plumbing, wires, sprinkler systems, and cooling systems.

In addition, the collateral damage done ripping pipes and wires out of walls far exceeds the actual cost of the copper stolen.


The Videofied MotionViewer™ detects intruders and sends a 10-second video clip of the incident over the cell network for immediate response – and arrests. Videofied is cost-effective physical security that has made hundreds of arrests protecting remote substations, storage yards, and construction sites. Instead of a recording of yesterday’s break-in, Videofied immediately sends a video of the intruder. Police are dispatched and give priority response to a crime-in-progress.

This is NOT a surveillance system; we separate security from surveillance to protect privacy. With Videofied, no one can “look in” remotely unless the camera has been activated by the alarm system. Video alarms are only sent when the alarm panel calls the monitoring station during an intrusion, downloading images from the MotionViewer.

  • Cordless Video Security
  • No AC power needed
  • Totally wireless operation
  • Instant installation
  • All Weather
  • From -20F to 140F
  • Operates for years on a set of batteries

Check out this local newscast of how the Videofied security system is apprehending intruders:

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