Video Camera Gets Arresting Results

It’s a well known fact that business owners need protection from intruders, nowadays more than ever. With the state of the economy refusing to show a quick recovery, many people have been moved to take desperate measures. Individuals who would never have thought to commit any crime are turning to theft to strengthen their dwindling income.

Protecting property with a commercial alarm is a great investment for business owners. With nothing more than a simple installation procedure and a monthly monitoring fee, a business owner can have great peace of mind. Instead of worrying that their premises might be broken into overnight they can relax because they know that the monitoring station is on guard.

Fortunately for one Puyallup business owner, he took his alarm system one step further by installing night vision wireless motion detectors. Instead of a recording of yesterday’s break-in, when his cameras detected an intruder, 10-second video clips were immediately sent to Central Station and police were dispatched. Because this was a verified crime in progress, police gave the break-in priority response.

According to Jason Myatt, Manager at Protective Systems Central Station, “Per the instructions that Blue Sky Landscaping provided us, any time we see anyone on the videos, we dispatch the police department immediately. In this case, as soon as the videos came in to Stacey at Central Station, her first call was to the police department. While Stacey stayed on the line with the police to continue updating them as to the intruder’s movements, she attempted to notify the business’s emergency contacts. An hour after the dispatch, Central Station called the PD back and confirmed a successful apprehension.”

Christopher Bennis, owner of Blue Sky Landscape Services, was thrilled to know that his alarm system worked so efficiently and effectively, protecting his business and apprehending the intruder. “Police caught a guy on our property late Friday (5/25/12) night and he is in jail right now. The video cameras worked great in catching him. Thanks PSI!”

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