Verified Video Monitoring

Protective Systems is pleased to offer Verified Video Monitoring. This cutting edge video alarm system will not only give you peace of mind, but in the case of a break in at your home or business, it will give police the chance to apprehend a burglar before they get away with your valuables.

Video is the most popular “option” on alarm systems for good reason: viewing cameras on a smartphone, known as “self-surveillance,” means better security and the likelihood of apprehensions, as well as false alarm reduction. So Verified Video, the next logical step in security, is truly exciting: making the video available to the Control Station so the operator can verify the alarm and improve police response to deliver greater security and life safety.

Verified Alarm = Quick Response

verified video monitoringVideo Verification works as strong evidence that a crime is happening on your property and in turn will result in a high priority police response and a prompt arrest.

Our monitoring agents are essentially eye-witnesses to the break-in of your property.

The installed motion viewers uploads movement in 10 second increments and transmits it directly to our Central Station agents. They are able to provide crucial information to police dispatch that will categorize your home break in as a crime-in-progress resulting in quick police response.

Picture the Possibilities

When an alarm is real, every second counts. With video alarm verification, video clips are immediately sent to your central monitoring station when an alarm is tripped. The ability to look in and see what caused an alarm helps monitoring personnel determine event severity and arm responders with the information they need to act quickly in the event of a fire, burglary or other emergency.

  • Can provide authorities with critical details and alert them to potentially dangerous situations prior to arrival on-site
  • Know what’s going on at your home during an alarm with alerts and look-in capability via Honeywell Total Connect™
  • Pre-alarm event footage and video clips may help identify perpetrators when burglaries and break-ins occur and aid in apprehension, prosecution and recovery of stolen valuables
  • Access to cameras are restricted to authorized personnel and are inaccessible after 20 minutes of an alarm event—ensuring a high level of privacy
  • Searchable video clip and image library with high-capacity cloud and email storage options

Eliminate False Alarm Headaches

Since many alarms are triggered by harmless events such as doors left ajar, windows left open, animals shut in or often user error, being able to visually identify the source of the alarm enables central station operators to quickly and easily distinguish between false and genuine alarms. This saves time, resources and false alarm related penalties and inconvenience, and speeds up reaction to real alarms.

Protect Your Business

For small businesses, a full CCTV system can be too expensive an investment whereas this extra level of security as part of an intruder alarm system can be a convenient and cost-effective solution.

  • Can be integrated with any size commercial security system for a full-featured video verification solution
    • Combine Honeywell Total Connect® IP video cameras and I-View Now for video clips and pseudo-live video streams
  • Take the guesswork out of alarms: reduces the time and costs associated with false alarms and enables response personnel to act quickly in the event of a fire, burglary or other emergency
  • Lets you prepare first responders with the critical information they need prior to arrival on-site
  • Cost-effective, cloud-based solution—no proprietary software or hardware to buy or download
  • Compatible with industry-leading central station software
Call Protective Systems today to learn how Video Verified Monitoring can protect your home or business. Already have a security system? It’s easy to upgrade, ask us how!
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