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Preparing a home for the next generation of technology doesn’t have to be an ordeal…it just takes creative wiring.

As technology brings the world closer together, your home becomes the focus for working, learning and especially playing. FutureSmart can actually bring your home to life, letting you enjoy it to the fullest by providing an unrivaled entertainment experience. Equip your home for home theater surround sound, multi-room stereo and multi-room video. Everyone can watch their favorite satellite, cable or high definition TV in different rooms at the same time. Participate in multi-room gaming tournaments. The options are endless! Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Honeywell’s intelligent structured wiring systems provide seamless, integrated control of security, cable and satellite TV, audio and video, the Internet, telephone, lighting and HVAC. Honeywell’s system is the first of its kind to bundle cables, distribute them throughout the house and tie them to a central panel. The mechanics of the distribution panel are a lot like a telephone switchboard of the past. You simply connect the service desired – be it telephone, entertainment or computer networking – to the room of the house where it is needed.

Click here for an audiovisual presentation on how to bring your home to life with FutureSmart technology.


This house demonstrates some of the ways appliances and electronics can work together using Honeywell’s structured wiring system. Here’s how a smart home works:

1. Temperature control is effortless whether you are at home or on the road. Using an outdoor sensor to report weather conditions, your system can automatically adjust the temperature indoors. A programmable thermostat can send a message to your cell phone if the temperature changes rapidly, indicating a broken air-conditioning or heating system.
2. For the ultimate in convenience, the television in the master bedroom can show a movie from the VCR or DVD player in the family room, eliminating the need for additional players.
3. Satellite, cable and off-air antennas are routed to the distribution panel through a common point. No matter what service you choose, you can direct TV signals to any room in the house from a single connection.
4. Home computers can be networked to share the same Internet line, files and printers – enabling simultaneous online access for your family. You can even monitor your children’s usage with parental controls installed on select computers. As an added benefit, you’ll eliminate the cost for additional Internet services and equipment.
5. Strategically placed cameras can broadcast pictures to any TV screen, providing an added level of security. Checking on the baby is as easy as changing the channel. You can even view these cameras at your office for added peace of mind.
6. When a visitor rings the doorbell, all programmed phones – whether land lines or cellular – ring automatically. Whether you’re at home or away, simply use the phone to talk to the visitor and dial a code to unlock the door. For added protection, the outdoor camera can send a picture to all the televisions in your home so you can see who’s at your entranceway.
7. Whole-house audio provides music in the entryway, kitchen, bedroom, office or anywhere you desire. Convenient in-room controls allow you to adjust the volume in each room or turn the music off completely. Personalized audio playback allows family members to plug in portable devices and games in specific areas (i.e. a child’s bedroom, etc.).
8. The Honeywell home automation system provides the highest level of comfort and convenience. With the press of one button, you can turn on the TV, start the DVD player, dim the lights and set the volume of the home theater to the perfect level.
9. From refrigerators to washing machines, a new generation of “smart” appliances can communicate with your home network. The computer can monitor power consumption and warn you when a component is about to fail, ensuring that your appliances are running at optimal performance. You can also conveniently schedule events to occur at select times, like having the coffee pot brew, running the dryer or filling the hot tub.
10. Incredibly flexible, the electronic distribution panel is the hub for telephone, video, security and other services. Instead of rewiring every time you move a television, simply move a patch cable on the panel.
11. The security system protects you and your loved ones from harm. With the ability to monitor your system via the telephone or a keypad, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home and family are safe and sound.

FutureSmart Brings Your Home to Life
Honeywell’s FutureSmart is the industry’s leading solution for making any home – from apartments, condos and entry-level houses to custom residences – more enjoyable and convenient. Future proof your home with the most advanced security, communications, entertainment and home control features at your fingertips.

Security and Automation
• In-Home Camera Monitoring
• Automation Controller and Accessories
• Integrated Security System

• Home Office
• Home Computer Networking
• Whole-House High-Speed

• DBS Satellite Television
• Multi-Room Video Distribution
• Whole-House Audio
• Home Theater

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