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Protective Systems Keypads

We tell our customers that if they can use a telephone, they can operate our keypads. So, don’t let the sophisticated look of the keypads displayed on this page intimidate you. Your PSI technician will make sure you feel completely confident in operating your new system.

keypadHow They Work

The Control System, or keypad, is considered the command center, allowing you to control and operate your protection systems. Your security system is activated when you enter a security code on your keypad. Keypads are usually located near entry doors for easy access. They can be armed or disarmed with push-button ease, making it easy to secure your home or business.

What To Look For

Most keypads have the same important features and functions, but depending on your installation, you may be looking for certain features. Here are some options to consider:

  • Keypads that include illuminated keys for night-time visibility
  • Easy-to-read written displays that spell out your system’s status at a glance
  • One-touch function keys for arming, disarming or emergencies
  • Additional user codes for neighbors, employees or service people


LYNX Touch

Honeywell’s LYNX Touch is a dynamic, lifestyle-enhancing system that protects your property and possessions and lets you control your security system, thermostats, lighting, door locks and more—all from one brilliant, full-color touchscreen. Right from the keypad, the LYNX Touch 5200 allows you to see one camera and the 7000 allows you to see up to four cameras. And with Honeywell Total ConnectTM Remote Services, you can perform many of the amazing functions of LYNX Touch remotely—including Z-Wave® thermostat and lighting control! You can also control your security system, receive alerts about important events via email, text messages or video alerts—even keep an eye on your home and family via live, look-in video wherever you are. Whether you use your PC or other compatible mobile device, the function icons look and operate just like the ones on LYNX Touch.

Touch Center Command Center

TouchCenter Command Center make it easier than ever to use advanced security system features. Graphics and menu driven prompts guide users every step of the way. The touch screen display provides easy centralized control for homes or businesses. A built-in message center records and plays back messages. The TouchCenter displays the most recent actions. With one press of the touch screen you can:

  • Access the event log and see who used the system and when.
  • Track employees or temporary house guests
  • Make sure children arm or re-arm the system after coming home from school
  • Monitor your businesses opening and closing times


“Plain English” Command Center

“Plain English” Command Centers come in an attractive white console. A contoured, removable door conceals and protects illuminated soft-touch keys.

Along with a large bright 32-character display, each Command Center:

  • Offers easy-to-read, simplified descriptions, like “ALL SECURE”.
  • Let’s you know with a simple “NOT READY” message that you have an unprotected point of entry, like an open window.
  • Identifies which points of protection are open. Once closed, the command center screen tells you it is “READY TO ARM”.
  • Allows you to by-pass problem points of protection and arm the remaining areas.
  • Pinpoints un-armed locales for easy repair.
  • Alarms include fire or intruder displays so home and business owners can take proper action.


Numeric Command Center

Numeric Command Centers come in an attractive white console that blends with any home or office décor. The contoured, removable door conceals soft-touch illuminated keys. The Numeric Command Center features:

  • A large backlit display that uses three-digit zone numbers.
  • Oversized function keys that are easily accessed even when the keypad door is closed.
  • Programmable security options for fire, burglary, personal emergencies or other operations.
  • Includes colorful self-adhesive labels.
  • Numeric zone representation for doors, windows and other points of protection.