What to Expect When You Call PSI

The Painless PSI Security Process

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.”
—Author Unknown

If you’re considering a home security system but are apprehensive about letting a “sales person” into your home because you don’t want to be pressured into purchasing a system that doesn’t meet your needs or budget, rest assured, your experience with Protective Systems will not meet those expectations!

We prefer to keep the process simple, pleasant and informative. When you call PSI, we start by asking the right questions so that we can best meet your needs. A certified PSI technician – not a sales person – will be scheduled to perform the survey of your home. Our technicians are are knowledgeable in the state-of-the-art Honeywell product line. All PSI technicians have passed background checks and are insured and bonded.

Once you’ve made the call and scheduled a PSI tech to come out to do a free, no-obligation survey of your home, the process usually takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size of your home and thoroughly addressing all of your concerns and questions. As part of the walk through, the tech will demonstrate various ways intruders can enter your home, leaving you with helpful life safety information.

After the walk-through, the tech will discuss security system options with you, including any possible limitations. We start by telling you what a minimum security system would entail as well as going over optional solutions – then you design the system that meets your security needs.

Following the survey, the technician passes your information to the PSI offices so that we can prepare a professional quote based on your decisions. Our goal is to provide you with the level of security you are comfortable with and that meets your budget.

The same technician that completed your survey will actually install the system – ensuring that the tech will be more efficient because he is already familiar with you and the particulars of your selected system. Should you ever wish to add onto the system, it can be easily done at any time.

Sounds painless, doesn’t it? Below is an excerpt from a recent customer’s initial query to PSI:

“My line of business involves high value portable assets. This makes my family potential targets. We need mitigation on that risk, beyond and in addition to insurance. Looking for monitored home security, a full security review really. Called Brinks, they sent an order taker, knew nothing about home security, was all about showing his binder of flip cards, and asking me to sign 8 different legal and banking documents. Nice guy but horse doo for brains. I need someone that gets security, let me know if you have someone that’s an expert on that subject. Otherwise, please don’t waste my time.”

And here are his comments after his free, no obligation home survey:

“Joel was out here today, impressive. I’m sold on his ability to do a first-rate job. He’d done his homework, knew I was looking at Honeywell equipment from ADT and was prepared to advise on that and a rather wide range of other topics. I enjoyed the conversation. He was the ONLY representative that personally knew anything about security.”

Call us today for your free consultation to explore the best home security system to protect your home and loved ones. Protective Systems Inc. is always here for you.

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