Can you trust your security system when you need it most?

home familyYour home contains your valuables, but more importantly, your loved ones. You’ve taken an important step by investing in a security and fire alarm system to protect your home and family, but what good is that system if it doesn’t work when needed?

At Protective Systems, we know all too well that an annual inspection can save a life. To ensure that your system works properly when it is needed, it is very important to have it serviced and inspected annually to avoid putting your property or family at risk.

The most important part of any home security system is professional 24-hour security monitoring for rapid emergency response. But what good is a home security system if it doesn’t work when needed?

firemanHere at PSI, we don’t ever want anyone to have a false sense of security by assuming that their system is fully operational; even sophisticated electronic technology designed to meet the highest standards isn’t 100% perfect. We hope to never hear a customer say “If only we had an annual inspection this would not have happened.” Smoke detectors need periodic cleaning, back-up batteries need to be checked, and the system inspected for signs of wear; this is why we provide annual service plans to all of our monitored residential customers.

You can also expect your insurance company to want proof that your fire protection system has had annual preventative maintenance and in some areas, a yearly inspection and maintenance check is required by law. With regular annual preventative maintenance you can go on enjoying the feeling of comfort and safety that your fire and/or security system was meant to provide.

At PSI, we take pride in offering our Western Washington customers the best in home security and life safety. Contact us today to ensure your system is protected. Your life might depend on it. Call 206-322-3186 right now and receive an instant savings of $25. Be sure to mention the coupon code MA-SAVE25 when you call or go here to print the coupon.

GOLD Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan

ma-save25Your security system is only as effective as its weakest component. When you add an all-inclusive annual Preventative Maintenance Plan to your PSI Monitoring Service Agreement, our technician will test and evaluate everything covered in your Service Plan once per year. When we say all-inclusive, we mean ALL-INCLUSIVE! No extra charge for labor, parts and travel time.

This program is available to all of our customers. Under this agreement, a PSI Service Technician performs an annual test of your system to ensure signals are reaching our UL Certified Central Station. We send test signals from each point of fire and security protection, verifying that each one was received. We even provide you with a detailed report from the Central Station, upon request. The technician also replaces worn or defective parts, including backup batteries, and make repairs as needed. PSI then warrantees your system for another year. During this period there will be no further charges for service calls and repairs for defective parts and labor. In addition PSI will reimburse you for any false alarms caused by defective equipment or workmanship

  • Includes replacement of defective parts or workmanship
  • Includes annual inspection to identify and fix maintenance issues before they become real problems
    • Inspect/repair/replace components for wear and tear
    • Test signals on each point of protection
    • Clean your smoke detectors
    • Replace batteries as needed
    • 24/7 service including weekends, after hours and holidays
    • PSI pays for false alarm if caused by defective parts