Why PSI vs. the Mega-National Companies?

Information you need to know before selecting a security company

You’re ready to invest in a home security system but still have a few questions. “What is the difference between a local company and a mega-national company such as Brinks, Xfinity or ADT?” “Are mega companies cheaper?” “Do mega companies provide better service?” What you should be asking is, “What am I giving up if I go with a mega company instead of Protective Systems, a local company?” We’ll tell you – and you can stake your life on the answers!

Local, family-owned company
Superior central station monitoring
Superior customer satisfaction – not lost in the shuffle among millions of accounts
State-of-the-art exclusive Honeywell products
3-year+ monitoring contract required
Monitoring service early termination fee
Company specializes only in security, surveillance and home automation
You own the equipment – freedom to cancel with no legal hassles
Proprietary lockout panel should you cancel service
Continue to receive basic monitoring should you cancel enhanced services
Company uses subcontractors (Sub/C) to install and maintain the system
Sub/C is not responsible for servicing system
Any company can service the system after installation

People telephone Protective Systems Inc. (PSI) because they want to protect their family and possessions against the threat of crime and fire. They typically consider several companies to provide them with security before making a decision. In today’s market, our competitors talk primarily about price rather than about life safety and security. Then price often becomes the main criterion in their choice of a company, forgetting why they originally investigated security companies – life safety and to protect their possessions!

Sometimes PSI provides an investment figure a bit higher than our competition. If initial costs are a bit more, it’s because our emphasis is on life safety and protection of your assets. A small one-time additional investment can save a life and prevent loss of property while giving you increased life safety and superior security products and service mentioned above. Following, we’ll tell you why.

The subsequent comparisons* are based on typical Web Specials offered by Mega-national companies. Whether or not our initial pricing is slightly higher than a Mega company’s our lower monitoring fees more than make up the difference in savings. There’s no price tag for the peace of mind that comes with increased life safety and superior security products and service.


Detailed Information on the Advantages Listed Above


PSI stands for Pride, Service and Integrity. We are a locally owned company with over four decades in the security and fire safety systems business.We know our customers by name; you are never “just a number.” With satisfied customers spanning three generations, you’re part of the family. You will consistently receive prompt and personalized service from PSI professionals including direct phone contact with the owner.

Unlike the Mega companies, you’ll never fall between the cracks or get lost in the shuffle. Protective Systems has enjoyed over 40 years of a stellar reputation. Our unwavering commitment to your safety and security remains our #1 concern.

You will not find a negative review posted on the Web about PSI. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about our national competitors. If you’d like to learn more, start by visiting a website such as Alarm System Reviews, a website that provides honest consumer feedback. Their site also provides a wealth of information on system design, crime prevention tips, security cameras and more. To further assist you in your evaluation of which security company to select, do a Google search “Reviews on X company” – the feedback you get from people who have written reviews can be very eye-opening.


Mega Companies – Mega companies require a lengthy 36-month or more contract. With Mega companies you cannot change security companies as they “lock out” their panels so that no other company can work on your panel. Should you ever by unhappy with their service and desire to have your system monitored elsewhere, you are contractually obligated to pay an early cancellation fee and pay out the value of the contract. Plus, you’d have to purchase a new security system from the new provider.

PSI – No monitoring contract required; our only contract is with you, to ensure your satisfaction. PSI does not lock out our panels – any company can service them. With PSI, you can change companies at anytime, should you wish to.


Mega Companies – The typical monthly monitoring fee is about $35.00

PSI – We offer competitive rates starting as low as $19.95 a month, depending on the plan you select.

With PSI, a typical monthly savings over Mega companies is from $9 to $15 a month. These savings are substantial and add up over the life of the system – you save over $1,000 to about $2,000 – while ensuring your family’s safety and the security of your home and possessions. You own the equipment and although we would be thrilled to continue to monitor you it, the choice remains yours.


Mega Companies – According to Security Distribution Management magazine, ADT has millions of subscribers that they monitor and several central stations across the country. With only one or two central stations in the U.S. monitoring up to 2 million or more accounts in each central station, Mega companies average about 20,000 customers per central station monitor (a ratio of 20,000 customers to one monitor).

PSI – Our central station has approximately 12,000 customers with an average of about 3,000 customers per central station monitor (a ratio of 3,000 customers to one monitor). That’s about 700% fewer customers per monitor than a Mega central station. Such a favorable ratio of customers to monitors enables each monitor to provide you with a faster response time, excellent service and a high level of security – all of which are integral to your safety and property protection as discussed below.



Mega Companies – only respond to about 1 out of 100 customer alarms or 1% of all alarms. To save money, Mega company’s central stations have their control panels programmed not to send an alarm to the central station for about one minute, giving the customer time to cancel their alarm. In the event of an actual alarm this results in a one-minute delay in notifying the police.

Not phoning on every alarm as PSI does means the monitors only call on about one out of every 100 alarms. (About 1 out of 100 alarms are actual ones) This saves the Mega Companies making 99 phone calls out of 100 alarms and saves them a good deal of money – but at the expense of your safety.

Not calling on every alarm can be dangerous. For example, if an intruder breaks into your home, he has one minute to confront you with a weapon and force you to disarm the system. If more than one minute has passed and an alarm is sent in, the criminal can tell you to answer the phone and say everything is okay.

PSI – About 99% of all alarms are false. At our central station, we respond to every alarm 100% of the time, false or not, protecting you 100% of the time. Within a few seconds from the moment the alarm is triggered in your home, our central station is phoning you directly to challenge the alarm. If you answer and say everything is okay and then give an incorrect password – for example, black dog instead of the correct password, red dog – we assume that you are in a hostage situation and the police are dispatched as a potentially life-threatening hostage situation. This is the highest priority police response.

PSI’s approach to security is more expensive to us but provides you with the highest level of security. Protecting your family and your possessions is our business and we take it very seriously.


Such a low ratio of customers to monitors gives PSI the ability to provide you with a faster response time in the event of an alarm. There are fewer operator errors as operators have more time. Also, as mentioned above, there is no one minute time delay between the initial alarm and sending in a signal as with a system provided by a Mega company.


Mega Companies – When you call a Mega station, you usually get only voicemail. Imagine feeling frightened in the midst of a true emergency; the last you thing you want is to be routed through a series of recorded prompts.

PSI – Whether you are experiencing an actual emergency or just have a question for PSI’s Central Station, you can rest assured that we will answer the phone within three rings; you will never go into voicemail. We even keep records on how to operate your system so if you forget; we can walk you through it over the phone.


Mega Companies – Mega companies often elect to use sub-contractors or “sub dealers” to install an alarm in your home on their behalf. The sub dealer is paid for the installation by the parent company at the time of installation. The sub dealer is responsible for servicing your system for a few months. After that, the company that installed your alarm is no longer responsible to service your system. If you cancel your contract while the sub dealer is still responsible, they are charged back the installation fee they received from the parent company. Later, if there’s a malfunction with your system, it can be quite frustrating trying to figure out whose responsibility it is to service your alarm.

To save time and money, Mega companies prefer to install wireless systems for their web special offers. That way they don’t have to use licensed electricians, which is quicker and cheaper. Who’s vouching for the skill level of the installer?

PSI – PSI does not use sub-contractors to install your hard-wired systems; we use only licensed electricians. We remain directly responsible for your satisfaction for as long as you own the equipment. In fact, our first customer over 40 years ago remains part of the PSI protected family to this day.

As an authorized Honeywell dealer, you get the “hands on” personal care of an independent business backed up by the innovation and solid proficiency of a Fortune 100 Company. Did we mention our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau?


Mega Companies – In addition to a control panel and keypad, home security systems include door or window contacts. Mega companies use sensors with exposed contacts. About the size of a half-pack of cigarettes only thicker, they are obtrusive and unattractive.

PSI – In our customer installations, we give you the option of using concealed contacts; the less you see the better.


Hopefully, you’re now ready to invest in a home security system with PSI. We’ve shown you what the difference is between us and the mega-national companies. We’ve demonstrated why Mega companies may be less expensive up front but over the life of the equipment, PSI offers increased life safety and superior service – all of this with a lower overall cost of ownership subsequent to our lower monitoring fees. Knowing your home and belongings are protected whether you’re home or away from home, now that’s peace of mind.


Homeowners, contact us today for a free consultation to explore the best home security system to protect your home. Protective Systems Inc. is always here for you.

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