PSI Now Accepts Online Payments – Fast, Secure, Easy!

PSI is now offering a fantastic service for all customers with monitoring service plans: Pay your monthly invoice online using the Intuit Payment Network (IPN), the most convenient, secure and dependable online payment processing solution there is.

“I love Intuit Payment Network. When I receive an invoice, I can pay it with a click of a button! It’s fast and easy. No paper, no printing, no checks…I just love it! ”
Jennifer M.

Benefits of paying online:intuit

  • It‘s safe and secure – Your bank account information is safe and never shared with PSI
  • You have the additional option to pay with a credit card.
  • No sign up required – Pay right away, or create an account to save your payment info and track multiple payments
  • Go green – Eliminate writing paper checks and easily manage your payments online
  • You can cancel at any time
  • This service is free
  • Do not have to remember to pay the invoice

Saves you money. No need to pay for stamps (46 cents x 12 = nearly $6.00 in savings each year).

Saves you time. No more:

  • Opening the invoice envelope
  • Reviewing the invoice
  • Taking out the return envelope
  • Finding your checkbook
  • Writing a check
  • Stuffing the invoice into the return envelope
  • Sealing the envelope
  • Hunting for a stamp
  • Mailing the envelope

Look for the bright blue button on your next invoice or call 206.322.3186 to sign up for email invoicing.

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