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With or Without a Security/Fire System

Home burglaries are on the rise, even in broad daylight when no one is home. Even if you think your street is safe, you need a home protection plan. With or without a security system, the best home security involves multiple deterrents to reduce the likelihood of criminals from making your home a target. You are more likely to outsmart a thief by following these home security tactics:

Keep a low profile.Is your flat-screen TV visible through a window from the street? Do you have an expensive car parked in your driveway? To a burglar, these are signs that your home might offer a lucrative haul. Open garage doors are especially inviting to a prowler; once inside, they are hidden from view and have full access to the home. Do not leave them open even in the daytime. Don’t advertise large purchases by leaving boxes at the curb.

Maintain visibility. Keep windows and doors visible to deter burglars. Tall shrubs and privacy fences provide burglars with cover so your neighbors won’t see them breaking in. Instead, think about using dense hedges or thorny bushes near windows to keep away intruders. Be sure to keep them well trimmed so they so they don’t become a place for intruders to hide. Also, trim back any trees that may provide access to a second-floor window. Install motion-activated floodlights around your home to let the criminal think he has been detected.

Lighting is important in preventing home intrusions. Try standing outside your home at night, looking for the dark, shadowy areas. You want the light to illuminate your doorways and pathways to your house. While looking for dark, shadowy areas, look in your yard for spots with heavy vegetation. You should cut these bushes and trees back, as they are a good place for people to hide. You never want to come home and find a prowler behind a bush.

Make it look like you’re home. Unoccupied houses are prime targets. Use timers on lights, televisions and radios to create the appearance of activity. (Security systems can do this for you automatically.) Hire landscapers if you’ll be out of town for an extended period so your home looks well cared for. If a burglar thinks someone is home, they’re more likely to skip your house.

Lock all windows, and don’t keep ladders outside. Using common sense is one of the best ways to prevent a home intrusion. You’d be surprised how many people leave doors and windows open when they leave. It is especially easy to forget to lock upstairs windows—and burglars know it. Make sure all your windows are locked when you’re not home, and keep your ladders in a locked garage or shed so a burglar can’t use them to access upstairs windows.

Your neighbors can be your best home security. Be sure to tell neighbors when you’re going out of town, so they can look out for your house. If you’re heading to the airport, you don’t want to advertise it with your car trunk open, filled with suitcases. Make sure to cancel newspapers, and have the post office hold your mail, so it doesn’t stack up in front of your home. You can also participate in NextDoor.com, a private social network which connects neighbors virtually and promotes discussions.

Secure doors and windows. Protecting your home’s access points means making sure your doors, windows and locks are sturdy. Burglars look for weak doors with old hardware that are easy to kick in. Make sure your door is a solid wood or metal construction with a good frame. If your doors aren’t secure, replace the knobs, locks and hardware. Use long screws that help resist kick-ins, and consider adding dead bolts. Use an inexpensive dowel in the windows or the sliding glass door, so they can’t be pried open. Any piece of wood that fits in the track works. If you have a doggie door, secure it with a lock.

Protecting your family and possessions with a Security/Fire system

A security/fire system installed in your home is the best way to protect your family and possessions 24/7. Police and guard services, while certainly an important deterrent in public areas, cannot possibly protect you 24/7, especially when a criminal enters your property or your home unseen.

Security Systems are very successful in protecting against crime and fire. To protect your family’s belongings, there’s nothing more secure than the prompt response of a monitored home security system. What’s more, having the right security system in place can mean qualifying for lower premiums on your home insurance and increasing the re-sale value of your home.

PSI fire safety solutions consist of monitored smoke detectors. When they go off, they automatically send a signal to our central monitoring station. We can then act quickly to get fire personnel dispatched to your home. In a matter of minutes, your home and family could be saved.

PSI has a stellar reputation. In over 40 years in business, PSI-protected homes have never suffered a loss of life due to fire.

Today’s security systems offer much more than simply sending a signal to a central station. Today, with Honeywell’s Total Connect, you can remotely keep track of everything that’s happening at home – whether you’re there or not – using a smart phone or other mobile device. View video of your home and family anytime, from anywhere. You can also control your thermostat, adjust lights, and control locks.

Video notification is accomplished by adding cameras to your monitored security system. You can automatically receive video clip notifications sent to your smart phone and/or via email or text, upon activation of any device. For example – receive a video clip on your smart phone when your children come home from school.

Modern security systems automatically makes it look like you are at home. Home Automation provides the ability to control events in the home through the security system. You can control lights, appliances, and thermostats from a tablet or other mobile device. Perform these tasks while at home, or while you are away from home. The best home automation systems include automatic lighting control to turn on lights on and off – with different scenes for when you are home or away. In addition, you can create scheduled and event-triggered automation, allowing you to arm and disarm the system, and open electronic door locks.

Having the ability to control nearly every aspect of your home using advanced home automation capabilities like these are ideal for anyone interested in a modern lifestyle that utilizes the best available technology.

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