Contract-Free Home Security

Here at Protective Systems, we are genuinely excited about life safety products available today. Wireless technology, advanced alarm communications and home automation control are the wave of the future for the security industry and our goal is to make these new products and services easy and accessible.

While most alarm companies require you to sign a three-year contract if you want alarm monitoring, we think three years is an awfully long commitment to a company you may know nothing about. At Protective Systems, we think a better idea would be to allow you to choose your alarm monitoring company without the risk of locking yourself into a contract. Our alarm monitoring services require no contracts so that you are free to choose alarm monitoring when, and if, you want the service.

We focus on next level services that provide you with more than just security. Our monitoring services allow you to remotely control your home, reduce your home’s energy consumption and protect your property. With Protective Systems, you get more for less with no contracts!

We don’t expect you to be security experts, that’s our job. Give us a call – 206.322.3186 – so we can help you upgrade your home security today!

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