A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.
—Chinese proverb

Do you sometimes feel that your business is like a rose without thorns? That is, does it seem like it is vulnerable to theft?

It’s a well known fact that shop owners need protection from shoplifters. However, a growing number of companies are concerned with another kind of theft… Hard to accept, but employee theft is a thorn in the side of many otherwise rosy businesses. One disturbing study cites that 30% of all business failures have been linked to employee theft. 

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These surprising employee theft facts are widely accepted by experts:

  • Most employee theft goes undetected by management
  • The majority of thefts committed by employees are not reported
  • Fearing outcomes, honest employees often look the other way regarding employee theft
  • Nearly all businesses experience some degree of work theft
  • Employees steal to the degree that the system allows and don’t stop until they are caught
  • Because they are trusted and have insider knowledge, employees can do more damage to a business than shoplifters

A clearer view to business protection

It’s been proven that shoplifters and would-be thieves are less likely to behave unethically when they know they are being watched. Here’s a look at some commercial video surveillance options:

CCTV Security cameras: CCTV cameras provide a bird’s eye view anywhere visual checks are needed. According to your business size and specifications, we can install just 1 or 100 CCTV cameras.

Remote video surveillance: PC-based CCTV systems allow business owners the flexibility of using web browsers to monitor specific areas. Out of town or out of the country? Even when you are away on a business trip, you can still keep an eye on things.

Networked video solutions: Use your existing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to carry live or archived video display to other authorized users within your organization.

Video in the Cloud: Cloud Hosted Video Services to Protect Your Business — ideal for anyone who manages a single or multiple business locations and can’t be tied down to an office. MAXPRO® Cloud lets you watch live and recorded video anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Videofied: Take your alarm system one step further by installing night vision wireless motion detectors. Instead of a recording of yesterday’s break-in, when your cameras detect an intruder, 10-second video clips are immediately sent to Central Station and police are dispatched. Considered verified crime in progress, police give such break-in priority response.

PSI’s complete video surveillance and CCTV protection solutions

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