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PSI Commercial Remote Services

I spy with my little eye…
—Children’s guessing game

“I spy with my little eye…something that begins with…A!” If you’ve ever watched a child play this long-standing guessing game, you’ll see how thrilled they are when they guess correctly. But, when it comes to your business, do you really want to be guessing if your fire and safety protection is adequate? Let PSI take the guesswork out of who’s coming and going at the office, even when you are away.

Our remote commercial protection service uses next generation digital technology. Does your business often find you attending out-of-town meetings? Seattle-based Protective Services can remotely monitor your security system for you. So, if your business takes you out of the country… relax…we’re watching over things.

Honeywell’s Total Connect Commerce Solution 

As an authorized Honeywell security dealer, we’ve shown business owners like you just how easy it is to stay connected with employees. The Total Connect Solution makes it possible to use the Internet, cell phone or any web-enabled device to control and receive information from your security system. This video demonstrates key aspects of Total Connect.

Use text messaging devices to read important alerts. Want to get a cell phone text message when employees have left for the day? Or would you rather have messages delivered via email to your PDA? It’s easily done. If you own a retail store, our remote protection system will inform you when doors were opened and closed.

Receive remote images from video surveillance equipment. Don’t just guess who’s coming and going on your commercial property. Connect to the Internet and remotely watch over the interior and exterior of your business. Combine Total Connect communications with our commercial video surveillance/CCTV service and you can keep an eye on assets and employees from any remote location with Internet access.

Remotely arm or disarm security systems. Ever had that nagging feeling that you forgot to do something before leaving home? With an Internet connection you can remotely check your security system to see if it needs to be armed or disarmed. This interactive demo shows you just how easy it is to configure your Total Connect solution.

PSI has the right remote protection services solution for your business. Western Washington business owners use our commercial remote services from anywhere in the world. Call us for more information about the Total Connect commercial solution or use our convenient customer contact form and we’ll get back to you right away!