What you risk reveals what you value.
—Jeanette Winterson

Sometimes taking a calculated risk pays off. But, when it comes to protecting your business from break-ins or fire, why take risks?

At PSI, we put our trust in Honeywell’s professional commercial security systems. As an authorized Honeywell dealer, we’ll evaluate and recommend the right fire and security products based on your company’s unique needs.

PSI delivers custom commercial fire protection

Beginning with the safety of your employees to protecting commercial property, fire is one disaster you don’t want to risk. Especially when you consider the unthinkable: One accidental fire can put you right out of business.

Our fire detection and protection systems offer affordable, reliable safeguards and comply with all fire codes and safety standards.

Manual pull stations: UL approved, manual pull stations are easily recognized fire alarm devices. Each is equipped with a glass rod. Once the station handle has been pulled the glass rod is broken and an alarm is set off.

Automatic fire alarm systems: In a fire emergency every second counts. Automatic systems immediately transmit to our central station so emergency fire services can be quickly activated.

Monitored sprinkler systems: Sprinkler systems are activated by heat sensitive triggers and are extremely effective. To prevent possible water damage, we provide monitored sprinkler systems. Our affordable fire detection systems give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your people and buildings are safe.

PSI delivers custom commercial break-in protection

PSI will design a customized theft prevention system for your business.

Let’s say you own a pharmacy and you want to limit access to the supply room without affecting other areas. We can design specialized systems that allow you to limit access to vulnerable areas.

Are you are the owner of a retail store? Keep track of employee key holders by monitoring the opening and closing of your store. Store owners can provide us with their normal opening and closing times. If the doors to your business open or close at an unspecified time, our central monitoring station will inform you right away.

It’s unfortunate, but important to note: More businesses report losses from employee theft than from burglary break-ins and shoplifting combined. 

Trust PSI to deliver your commercial security and fire protection 

Since 1970, we’ve been helping Western Washington business just like yours with their security and fire concerns. You won’t need to install individual systems for security, fire, access control or video surveillance. We’ll work with you to tailor an affordable, flexible multi-tiered system that will meet all your commercial protection needs.

If your business isn’t safe from trespassers or fire, then you’re taking risks with your business. 

Talk to us today about a free commercial security consultation. We’ll show you constructive ways to reduce your risk of fire or burglary. Fill out our customer contact form and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours. Or you can call us direct.