AlarmNet Commercial Fire

Don’t Let Fire Cripple Your Business

When seconds count…that’s when AlarmNet’s got you covered. Thousands of fires occur in offices every year, resulting in injuries, deaths and over $2.6 billion in direct property damage.
Source: NFPA

Rely On Us

Fire is a devastating force that can cripple your business in seconds. For commercial fire applications, you need a quality product that you can count on. Our suite of products and services meet listings for commercial fire right out of the box, receiving approval of AHJs nationwide.

A Leader in Communication Technology

Honeywell’s AlarmNet has been the nationwide leader in alarm communications technology since 1986. A reliable alternative for the transmission of alarm signals, our radio network provides extensive coverage throughout the the United States.

A Variety of Services

You’ll have the most reliable technology working for you when you select Honeywell’s AlarmNet services to protect your facility. You can choose Control Channel Cellular or the Internet to deliver the alarm signal from your facility to the central station.

  • Control Channel Cellular technology is extremely reliable and offers virtually limitless coverage.
  • Our Internet capability lets you transmit alarm signals through the Internet. The Internet service can be installed behind firewalls without compromising network security. Since it uses 1,024-bit encryption, it provides the absolute best in data security, while keeping your company safe and secure.

AlarmNet Products

Our fire control and long range radio transmitter is UL listed for property protection and life safety. Fully selfcontained, it removes the need for dedicated phone lines, saving you money every month. If you already have a fire control installed, add a cellular fire radio. This fire radio eliminates a second phone line, providing compliance with fire codes and cost savings.

A Path of Protection

No matter what technology you choose, all alarm signals are processed through AlarmNet’s Network Control Center. Supervised 24 hours a day, the Control Center sends your signal to the central station to protect your business 365 days of the year.

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