Active Alert — Increase Security and Reduce Risk

Honeywell’s Video Analytics automatically detect, analyze, track and classify the behaviors of people and vehicles as they move through a scene.

Honeywell’s Active Alert® video analytics suite of products enables enhanced security and surveillance solutions by automatically monitoring video for specific people, vehicles, objects, and their associated behavior within a camera view. Active Alert can provide real time alarms based on user defined rules to detect abnormal or suspicious behavior without the need for human supervision. This powerful capability enhances both manned and unmanned operations by working 24/7, reducing the amount of video data operators must review, and enabling a high level of monitoring for any size video system.

Honeywell Active Alert software is accurate and high performing and is capable of monitoring and analyzing the behavior of up to 20 objects per camera view, both indoors and outdoors. Honeywell Active Alert is offered in three packages including a base, standard and premium package, each of which enables a different set of detectable behaviors.

active_alert_analytics_diagramProduct packages can be mixed and matched on a single server enabling the user to assign a product package for each camera to enable the features they need for that particular camera. This results in flexibility for the user to select a combination of product packages to run on each analytics server to ensure optimal end-user deployment requirements.

Market Opportunities

The Honeywell Active Alert suite of products is an ideal solution to enhance a facility’s current level of security or to optimize the use of current personnel resources. Honeywell Active Alert can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with a compatible recording system with local and remote management capabilities. The user interface is intuitive, user friendly and easy to maintain, regardless of the system size. Powerful data search tools enables almost instantaneous access to events and alarms.

Watch the following video to see how you can increase security and reduce risk for your business.


One person watching numerous cameras can often accomplish a lot more than several security guards patrolling the area. If your security system is in need of “extra eyes,” consider Active Alert Video Analytics. Contact PSI today for a no-cost no obligation consultation to learn more.

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